Round-Up: Current Events You Should Know About

Do you keep up with what’s going on in the world? Hopefully you already do, but if not, you should start! As 20-somethings, we already have the power to choose our nation’s leader, so, you know, it’s probably a good idea to learn about some stuff happening not only in our country, but around the globe as well. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of some recent newsworthy stories below. Enjoy!

In no particular order…

1. Manti Te’o. Heard of him? I hadn’t either (sorry folks, not much of a college sports fan). You can read the full article here, but I’ll just go ahead and sum it up for you… This Hawaiian guy plays football for Notre Dame and he’s good, so he’s kind of a big deal. Part of his popularity is due to some tragic events that he went through this past year. Namely, the death of his grandmother and girlfriend… On the same day… Before a big game. And despite those losses, he goes on to play phenomenally in this game. Only problem is, the girlfriend never existed. SPOILER ALERT – Manti’s friend, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo (whom I have affectionately nicknamed Ronny Hot Mess) was merely pretending to be his girlfriend, unbeknownst to Manti, of course. Which apparently worked because Manti and his “girlfriend” had never actually met in person. So that makes perfect sense, right? Kudos to Deadspin for doing what no other news organization had done and actually looking into the girl Manti claimed was his deceased girlfriend…

And then I found this video… Thanks to a friend for posting it on their Facebook!

2. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t hate Meryl Streep! If you didn’t catch JLaw’s Golden Globes acceptance speech, it went something like this…

And then, predictably, the gossip about JLaw hating Meryl started. Well, never fear, JLaw cleared the whole mess up when she was on Letterman…

Shame on you, Hollywood, for not recognizing a movie quote when you hear one!

3. Beyonce was not actually singing the National Anthem at President Obama’s Inauguration. Sigh. Lots of celebrities have come to defend her lip-syncing, though, so that’s nice of them… I guess.

4. A security guard in Trinidad and Tobago shot his penis off. Safe to say, he’s having the worst week ever.

5. This kid came out to his entire school at an awards ceremony. Do they have an award for Balls of Steel? He definitely deserves it.

6. Over 200 people died in a fire at a Brazil nightclub this past weekend. This hit me particularly close to home since I’m all too familiar with the unbelievably overcrowded Philly bar scene. Stay safe out there folks, and maybe stay away from attending any shows where bands shoot off fireworks inside.

7. This is the best dad ever.


Stumble upon any fun news story recently? I want to hear about them! 


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