Beyoncé: Better than You… And Crazy

You either live under a rock, or you’re well aware that Beyoncé is performing at the Superbowl Halftime Show this year… Regardless, it seems that “Queen Bey” (or QB for the sports-inclined) was not at all pleased with the fan backlash after her lip-sync faux pas, which I posted about yesterday. In what can only be described as the “suck-it” move of the century, QB held a pre-Superbowl press conference today and, rather than just answer questions from the press, sang the National Anthem and then posed for pictures. Seriously. Just ask Deadspin.

This event happily coincides with my stumbling on the Beyoncé GQ article. Now, I’m generally a fan of Bey Bey (which is my preferred Beyoncé nickname, by the way), but I can’t be alone when I say that she sounds like she might murder people in her spare time… For fun. Seriously? Does she really need to document every waking moment of her ENTIRE life (since 2005) and keep it all in temperature-controlled archives? Does that seem a little psycho to anyone else?

(I know you’re wondering!) Bey Bey does NOT plan to lip-sync at the Superbowl. Or does she just plan to threaten people’s lives so they don’t tell anyone… I can’t remember!


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