We Are Adventurers

I know, I know- I haven’t posted in a while. In my defense, I’ve been really busy trying to figure my life out… Or whatever. Hey, I’m a twenty something! Can you really blame me?

I have a lot of different things that I want to post about, but it occurred to me that I have yet to post anything about my actual life. This is called “Adventures of a Twenty Something,” after all, so wouldn’t it be fun if I actually, you know, talked about some of my adventures? You bet! And since a picture is apparently worth a thousand words, I decided the best way to show you what I’ve been up to is put it all into (mostly instagram) pictures. Enjoy!

At the Art Museum on a beautiful Saturday night. (Philadelphia, PA)

The entrance to the “American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” exhibit at the National Constitution Center. Yay for free museum days! (Philadelphia, PA)

Waiting in line (at 11 am on a Sunday, no less) to get a glass of Russian River’s Pliny the Younger (read: delicious craft beer that’s super hard to get in Philly). Unfortunately the keg kicked with about a dozen people in line ahead of us. Rude! (Bishop’s Collar, Philadelphia, PA)

My beautiful kitty, Luna! Don’t worry, folks, I promise I’ll keep my cat pictures to a minimum.

There was a MOUSE in MY ROOM! Until 3 o’clock in the morning. On a weekday. Picture it: Two twenty something girls, standing on stools inside a trader joe’s bag barricade, attempting to move a dresser far enough away from a wall so that my cat could get plenty of room to hunt this tiny mouse, all the while said mouse, whom we affectionately named David Blaine, is hiding between the dresser and the wall, at least a foot above the ground. Good times! (That’s the mouse’s shadow, if you couldn’t tell.)

View from the top of the Art Museum steps. Yes people, the exact ones Rocky ran up. (Philadelphia, PA)

I love baking! This is a homemade chocolate cream pie I made as part of a trade for a guitar lesson from a friend. (It was delicious… And the lesson was pretty great, too.)

We had a preeetty big clog in our drains that just kept building until finally our maintenance came to take care of it. Yum.

Some of the most delicious sushi I’ve ever had. It’s called a Sexy Girl Roll. Actual Yum. (Machi Sushi, Philadelphia, PA)

Funny banana stickers are a great way to brighten an otherwise boring work day!

Finally saw one of my favorite musicians live… Tristan Prettyman! And even though she’ll most likely never see this post, I have to make a shout out to her. She put me +1 on the list for her show and I owe her a HUGE thank you! Her show was AMAZING, as expected. (World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA)

If you like these pictures, follow me on instagram @martinerhea!



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