Questions for My Parents

It was a month or so into my freshman year of college when it finally hit me that I actually lived on my own. I needed to staple a paper I had written and it dawned on me that I didn’t have a stapler.. And for the first time ever, I couldn’t just walk down into my dad’s office and use his.

Since then, I’ve of course acquired things like staplers (tape dispensers, oven mits, wine glasses, etc.) on my own, but every now and then I have a “real world” question that I still need mom and dad to answer… And I’m betting you do, too.

My questions sound something like the following:

“How do you cook steak?” (dad)

“Does a can of tuna go bad?” (mom)

“Our fridge makes this helicopter noise sometimes.. That’s not normal, is it?” (mom)

“Do you put seasoning on burgers?” (dad)

“Is this a good grill?” (dad)

“So.. Can you teach me how to garden… Through the phone?” (mom)

“How do you use a lawn mower?” (dad)

“Will things.. critters.. bugs.. whatever.. crawl into my vacuum if I put it in our basement?” (dad)

“One side of our gas stove isn’t working… How do we fix that?… There wouldn’t be gas leaking because of that, though, right?” (mom)

“Are my wood floors waxed?” (mom)

“What’s the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?” (mom)

“I don’t have to get wet food for the cat, right? She’ll be fine eating dry food forever?” (mom)

What questions have you asked your parents recently?


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