Surprise Surprise

I love surprises. Well, ok, I love good surprises… Like surprise birthday parties and when your dad sends you $20 in the mail along with your new AAA card…

I was going to write all about my weekend in Mass, but I got a few paragraphs in and was already bored, SO to make a long story short… I made a surprise trip home for the weekend to see my brother go to prom! He’s 17 and it was his first prom, he took this super precious little sophomore who had the good sense to wear fancy flip flops instead of heels and he looked SO ADORABLE in his tux. All together now- AWWWW. 

Prom in my town is kind of a big deal. They literally roll out the red carpet for the event and parents and friends play paparazzi for a day while students promenade into the school. I promise, it’s more cute than weird… (For perspective, my brother said the promenade was the best part of the whole night.) Pictures or it didn’t happen!


This is the scene… Pretty much the whole town comes out to watch the kids walk in. Duxbury, MA.


That was their ride for the night! The school also does a “best ride” contest that gets pretty serious. People have come to prom in shopping carts, go karts, motor boats (on a trailer), you name it- these kids have thought of it. Duxbury, MA,

red carpet

There they are on the red carpet! It’s pretty similar to an awards show in that all the way down the carpet, people who know you will shout out your name and then you and your date have to pose while they take a picture… Ridiculous and fun. Duxbury, MA.

red carpet 2

And here’s a close-up of them when they stopped in front of us! Don’t they make such a cute couple?! Awww. Duxbury, MA.

Sorry- was that too much sisterly love in one post? I just can’t help it! He’s so grown up now and I still think of him as a 12 year old! Sigh. If you have siblings, you must be able to relate!

When was the last time you surprised someone? How did it turn out? Tell me your stories in the comments!


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