No Apologies Necessary

I used to be an avid reader of both Cosmo and Glamour. Used to, as in, when I could afford to buy frivolous things like magazines… I can’t remember which one had this column, but I always used to love the “Hey, it’s OK” page. It basically listed things that were actually OK to do, despite maybe being slightly frowned up by someone, somewhere. Think “eating a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s after a particularly long day at the office,” or “wearing your hair in a ponytail because you’re sick of fighting with the Summer humidity…”

In that same spirit, I will not apologize for…

… buying a pair of moccasins just because I had a couple DSW coupons.

… being more excited to go home this weekend than I was for my birthday last weekend.

… telling the new tenants in my building that the backyard is not, in fact, communal.

… being a birthday card snob. Paper Source or bust!

… planning out my entire Labor Day Weekend a week in advance.

… telling my best friend when she did something that made me upset. Better to talk about it than just be mad about it, right?

… being freaked out when people my age announce their engagements.

… giving my fake name/number to weird guys I meet in bars. Girl’s gotta protect herself somehow!

What aren’t you apologizing for these days?



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