A Case for All Cat Owners

Today, I stumbled upon these two Cosmo opinion pieces about men who own cats. Or rather, I stumbled upon what I thought was going to be a case against A Case Against Cat Men, but was actually just an opinion piece confirming all the stereotypes the author of A Case Against Cat Men brought up. Still with me?

In A Case For Cat Men, despite what the title suggests, author Anna Breslaw does an excellent job at pinpointing the exact stereotypes that cat owners everywhere find cringe-worthy. While the article claims to be about why you “absolutely must” date a guy who owns a cat, it really is about why the author herself wants to date a man who owns a cat: because she’s lazy and she wants a lazy man who has a lazy cat. Seriously.

Clearly, I have some issues with her view of cat owners… and maybe even cats in general…

1. All cats sleep a lot, but that doesn’t mean they’re lazy. My cat frequently chases mice, house flies, giant cockroaches, my feet under the covers… She pretty much chases anything that moves. She also plays fetch. And yes, that does mean she brings the toy back so you can throw it again.

luna4   luna2   luna1

2. I appreciate that she recognizes that cat owners are not sad, lonely and/or crazy, but we’re also not lazy. Right now, I have two jobs, write for two blogs and make it a point to fill whatever free time I may have with lots of fun activities. In fact, I decided to get a cat because I’m so busy. I wanted to get a pet, but knew I didn’t have enough time to train and properly take care of a dog, so I got a cat instead. Part of the reason I think cats are great pets is because you can leave them to their own devices so much. Make sure they have food and water and clean litter and you’re pretty much done.

3. That’s not to say that they aren’t sometimes a handful. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve woken up to hairballs or throw up in the hallway, or been pounced on at 4 am because the food dish was empty and the water was low. And then there was that time when I first gave her tuna fish… Let’s just say it didn’t sit well with her and resulted in a brand new comforter purchase for me!

4. I also don’t appreciate her “guy with a dog = outdoorsy man” stereotype. All sorts of people have dogs. Having a dog definitely doesn’t mean you want to go roll in the hay Pocahontas-style all the time.

5. This wasn’t really in her “counterpoint” piece, but I think it’s important to note that cats definitely do bond with their owners. My cat is usually waiting for me at the door when I get home from work and then immediately runs into my room and jumps on the bed because she knows that’s where I’ll go once I take my jacket off. Yeah, most of the time she’s a bitch to other people, but we definitely have a bond that she doesn’t have with anyone else. My roommate can vouch for this!

6. And finally, this has nothing to do with cats, but if a guy I was dating ever smelled like Velveeta cheese, I would probably ask him to leave my apartment immediately.

Calling all cat owners! Tell me how you feel about pet owner stereotypes in the comments.


One thought on “A Case for All Cat Owners

  1. Roommate speaking! I can vouch! The second the cat hears Martine’s footsteps (she knows the sound) she runs to the door and starts meowing incessantly…definitely a strong bond there!

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