10 Things You Should’ve Learned in College

Earlier today, I came across this list of things teens should have learned in high school, and all I can really say is yes. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the points the author makes, although I do admit that I’ll still need to phone home if I end up needing to patch a hole in my wall anytime soon…

The article reminded me of a math class that my college required all film majors to take. I ended up switching majors and thus didn’t take the class, but I specifically remember talking to my friends about it one day and they told me that the class was “so easy,” all they were doing was learning how to write checks. Yes, you read that right. They were learning how to WRITE CHECKS in a college math class. Seriously?! I’m pretty sure everyone should know how to write a check when they’re in college, but that made me think- what other (actually useful) life skills should people be learning in college? I mean, calculus is great and all, but when will I need that in the real world? So that prompted me to make my own list…

10 Things You Should’ve Learned in College

– Email Etiquette is a Thing. No, you don’t always need to sign your name at the end of emails, but you definitely do when they’re work related! You should be able to distinguish when it’s appropriate to use things like “LOL” and when you need to spell out numbers…

– How to Not Be Broke All the Time. AKA budget planning! If you’re like most recent grads I know, you don’t have a million dollars lying around. So, please, for the love of all that is holy, make a budget and figure out how to stick to it so you don’t go into (more) debt, ok?

– Loans: You Probably Have Them. You should know how much you borrowed, how much you’ll owe back, how to pay them back, the different payment options… They require you to complete an online crash course of sorts before you graduate, but I can’t remember a single thing they went over. That’s not to say the information they provided wasn’t useful, it definitely was… Or, would have been, if I could remember any of it. A lot of people, myself included, are surprised by their loan amount when they finally have to deal with paying it back 6 months after they graduate. Don’t let that be you! Get intimately acquainted with the loan system, because you’ll most likely be tied to it for a very long time.

– Time Management. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off because you’re so crazy busy is pretty much the college norm, but once you get into the real world, you need to make sure you have enough down time to have a life, or at least a spare hour or two for yourself every now and then. No one wants a friend who always has to reschedule because they double booked!

– What “Business Attire” Is, or Why You Shouldn’t Wear Hooker Heels to Work. Note: Does not apply to actual hookers. Bar hopping attire ≠ office attire. Unless, of course, you work in a bar. If you want to be taken seriously at your awesome new real world job, you have to dress the part. Or at the very least, not show up looking like you’re ready to hit the club.

– Once You Graduate, It’s Called Alcoholism. In college we pre-gamed everything. Pretty much any gathering of people was an excuse to drink and it was half-expected that people would show up to events drunk, even though it definitely was not allowed in some circumstances. But now that you’re in the “real world,” no one thinks it’s funny that you show up to that late afternoon meeting reeking of alcohol. Sure, there are definitely some situations where pre-gaming is perfectly acceptable (hello, professional sports games), but you’re an adult, you shouldn’t need alcohol to have a good time. At least not all the time.

– That Toilet Isn’t Going to Clean Itself. Sure, your college apartment was about as clean as a frat house, hell it might have actually been a frat house, but now there will be people judging you for having a stained toilet bowl, or a stove top that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since 1971. And have you ever heard of a Swiffer?! Your floors will thank me later.

– Leggings Are Not Pants. Ah, leggings. Super comfy and effortless, perfect for running to an early morning class, right? Sure! But please please please do not make the mistake of thinking leggings can replace all the pants in your wardrobe. They’re leggings. If they were pants, they would call them pants, ok people? And let’s not even get started with jeggings…

– You Can Only Survive on Ramen For So Long. Ramen dinners are a way of life in college. But you’re not in college anymore, and believe it or not, you’re getting older. Hasn’t your mother ever told you that you’re not eating for you now, you’re eating for you in 10 years? Well, she’s right. What you put into your body now effects your health and what you look like down the road. Do yourself a favor and start giving it something nutritious.

– No One Has Life Figured Out in Their Early Twenties. No one. Including you. But you know what? That’s ok.

Would you add anything to this list?


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