Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Dishes

Only 1 WEEK until Thanksgiving! My shopping is (mostly) done, my schedule is made and I’m in total planner mode over here (can you tell?). This will be my first holiday hosting (!), so here’s hoping everything goes as planned!

Broke Girls Go Out

Instead of going home, I’ll be making my own Thanksgiving feast this year. I’m an avid baker and a pretty decent cook, so I’m really excited to be making the meal, but I will admit that the idea of being in charge of the main event for such a big holiday is a bit daunting. Luckily, most Thanksgiving dishes aren’t all that complicated, and buying most of the ingredients won’t break the bank, either!

My Thanksgiving Menu



Cranberry BreadMy mom’s recipe. Better the second day, as she notes, so it’s a perfect make-ahead recipe! You will most likely have all the ingredients on hand except the cranberries (and maybe the orange juice, if you’re not a juice drinker like I am). Don’t worry if you’ve never made a loaf of bread before, this recipe is fairly fool proof as long as you don’t forget about it…

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