Christmas Tree Adventures

Since both my roommate and I had to slack on Halloween this year because we were crazy busy working at a haunted house during the month of October, we decided to put all of our decorating/party efforts into Christmas instead.

I never had a fake tree growing up, but I’ve just never saw a good enough reason to buy a real tree for any of the apartments I’ve lived in since moving out of my parent’s house 4 years ago. I’ve also never gone Christmas tree hunting without my dad, and I’ve certainly never had to put a tree in a stand or worry about keeping it watered. Well, all that changed this past weekend, when my roommate and I dragged went with our boyfriends to cut down a real, live Christmas tree.

We went to Indian Walk Christmas Tree Farm in Wrightstown, PA. I had never been there before, or even heard of it, actually, but it was super cute! They had a bunch of farm animals and cute shops, as well as multiple kinds of trees and all the other trimmings you can think of!

It didn’t take us long to find our favorite tree. As a matter of fact, we both spotted it as soon as we walked a few feet down the main path. We scouted for a little bit longer, but ultimately decided that the first tree we saw was the best.

And we even got lights up on the tree last night! Finishing touches (aka popcorn and cranberry garland) coming soon!

Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet?!



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