Holiday Hiatus

As you may have guessed, the lack of posts the past week was due to my week-long holiday vacation at home. My boyfriend, who shall be referred to solely as “Tall Guy” going forward, and I got back to Philly on Saturday night and were perfectly happy doing nothing yesterday since we were so tired from our trip! Going home for the holidays is always really fun, but it’s also SUPER exhausting. On top of the holiday hubbub, it was Tall Guy’s first time meeting my family (yikes!) and seeing my neck of the woods, and only his second time in Boston, so we had a lot of bases to cover in a short amount of time. Hence the aforementioned exhaustion.

Not pictured: Tree trimming, parking at South Shore Plaza the weekend before Christmas, Amtrak station at 7:30 am the Monday before Christmas, breakfast at the Mug, a pottery shop sale, Tall Guy running on 2 hours of sleep, Christmas Eve Yankee Swap hot-ticket item Dirty Water rum tasting like grain alcohol, driving around looking at Christmas lights late Christmas Eve, looking at luminary-lined streets in Tinkertown with the car headlights off, snow falling exactly as the clock struck 12 on Christmas, the 2+ hours it took us to open presents on Christmas morning, watching A Christmas Story all day but still not seeing the movie in its entirety, tearing the basement apart in search of a lost TV remote, our hilarious Sam Adams tour guide Grace, playing Think While You Drink for 3 hours, tequila shots, a snowy owl sighting and flight delays.

I hope your holiday was as fun-filled as mine! x


2 thoughts on “Holiday Hiatus

    • Yes! We saw someone photographing it when we were on the beach road! We didn’t get a good view because it was in the grass further down towards the water (bay side), but there was no mistaking what it was. So cool!

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