A Chocolate Wine Creation

So I recently found out that chocolate wine is a thing. (Thanks, foodgawker!) Am I the only one who didn’t know about it, or am I doing you a huge favor right now?! Because the revelation pretty much blew my mind. Hello, girls night drink of choice.

The recipe on foodgawker was for a raspberry chocolate wine smoothie. I picked up the necessary bottle of chocolate wine, but decided to go with some ingredients I had on hand, rather than shell out the money for frozen raspberries (Broke Girl, remember?).

For smoothies, I kind of just add ingredients as I see fit (a la Tall Guy’s cooking), so sorry in advance for not giving specifics!

Strawberry Chocolate Wine Smoothie

about 1 c frozen strawberries
about 1 c chocolate wine
about 1/4 c milk
1 frozen banana
about 1/2 c ice

1. Add strawberries and wine. Blend until smooth.
2. To thicken, add frozen banana and ice.
3. Add milk to make it a little less sweet, or thin it out a bit.
4. Enjoy your delicious chocolate alcoholic smoothie.



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