Philly Eats: The Cafe

The Broke Girls had our January meeting last night at The Cafe (2011 Walnut St). Food was good, prices were cheap, room was drafty, service was so-so. Definitely a good spot for groups when the weather gets warmer!

Broke Girls Go Out

For our monthly meeting and first ever Book Club discussion that took place last night, the Broke Girls chose a location that was much more quiet, relaxed and cheaper than our previous meet ups at Village Whiskey and Continental Midtown. The Cafe at 2011 Walnut Street had recently followed us on Twitter, and since none of us had ever been, we thought we’d give it a try!

The spot has a laid-back, bar-meets-diner kind of vibe, with booth seating near the bar area and an open store front with a solid front wall of windows overlooking Walnut Street. The lone waitress on duty slid two tables together for us and checked back regularly to grab us waters and drinks as the team bustled in from the cold, one by one. We were definitely the only customers in the place, which is sort of a shame but also understandable given the cold…

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