Midseason TV Update

Ok, it’s just past the midseason mark, but work with me here…

Life got busy, TV got boring and my TV scheduled was whittled down a bit…

What I’m Watching

The Bachelor – Juan Pablo is a homophobe. This season is boring. I’ll probably still watch it just so Jennifer Weiner’s tweets have some context.

Chicago Fire – I still really like this season! (It’s one of the few shows I can say that about..)

Nashville – I’m not loving most of the plot lines this season, but I’ll keep watching because of Connie Britton and country music.

AHS: Coven – The season started off strong, but I’ve slowly gotten less interested. The finale is tonight and I’m 2 episodes behind. I’ll definitely watch it to the end, if for no other reason than the fact that it’s so close to being over.

Grey’s Anatomy – I don’t even remember what happened in the midseason finale. And I haven’t watched any of the new ones after the break. Has it even started back up again? I’ll probably drop this soon.

Scandal – The midseason finale was really strong. I haven’t seen any of the new episodes, though, so I need to get over my “no new TV was on, so I forgot that I care about TV” attitude and watch them.

Girls – I can’t decide if I like this show or just like to hate-watch it. Maybe somewhere in between, but the episodes are short and easy to get through, so I’ll keep watching this season. I’m kind of getting used to its awkwardness and maybe have started to appreciate it a little bit.

The Walking Dead – I absolutely loved the midseason finale and am REALLY looking forward to where the second half of the season will go. The prison was getting a little old, so I’m glad they’re branching out again.


Sleepy Hollow
The Originals
The Vampire Diaries
The Crazy Ones

I realized I was forcing myself to catch up on some shows that I really didn’t enjoy all that much. Cleaning out the (TV schedule) closet feels good! I’m sure the fact that Tall Guy doesn’t watch or like any of my shows has something to do with my trimmed down schedule, too…


What shows are you still watching?


4 thoughts on “Midseason TV Update

  1. How can you forget Jackson standing up and professing his love to April at her wedding??? And no it has not yet returned from hiatus (feb 27th so you have plenty of time!!)

    American Horror Finale was MEH. Not that good.

    I also am MEH about this season of Nashville. So much going on and not any of it that great or exciting.

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