Someone Has to Say It…

I hate Valentine’s Day.

I’ll say it again. I HATE Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m bitter or heartbroken or even single. I just can’t get behind a holiday that comes with so much pressure. Sure sure, every holiday comes with some pressure to have a good time, but there are definitely some that come with more pressure than others. Think New Years and your birthday. Which I also don’t love… Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Valentine’s Day is the worst of all the “pressure” holidays because no one ends up happy. You’re sad if you’re single because you want to be in a relationship and if you’re in a relationship, you’re sad because you wanted to have the most romantic, perfect date and it most likely doesn’t turn out as such. Nobody wins. Everyone feels pressured to do the perfect thing or buy the perfect gift. Honestly, does that sound like a good time to you?

I also think that Valentine’s Day sends the wrong message entirely. Shouldn’t you be doing nice things for your special someone more often than once a year? Is getting flowers really that romantic when everyone else is getting them at the same exact time because apparently the only way to a woman’s heart on Valentine’s Day is by sending her flowers at the office? (Note: I actually would love to get flowers sent to my office any time, Valentine’s or not, because I LOVE having flowers at my desk and am too broke to afford to buy them for myself. Roses are my favorite… Edible arrangements will also be accepted… hint hint TG) Am I completely contradicting myself here?… Maybe… Oops.

I think the only way to actually have a stress-free good time on Valentine’s Day is to keep it casual, with as little pressure to do the most romantic thing as possible. If you’re single, get together with some friends for champagne and dessert or have a girls night and watch Rom Coms with fun themed food. If there’s one thing I can get down with on Valentine’s Day, it’s themed food. If you’re in a relationship, try keeping it low key. My roommate and her ex always used to order a pizza and watch a movie. How simple and fun is that?!

So what am I doing this Valentine’s Day, might you ask? Originally it was supposed to be a surprise, but something that Tall Guy assured me was not a typical Valentine’s Day date at all. Unfortunately, Tall Guy fell and broke his knee cap a couple of days ago and he’s not exactly mobile right now. AKA he’s basically bedridden. The poor guy. So we’ll be celebrating on Sunday, when he’ll (hopefully) be able to get around a bit better. Kind of funny, given that neither of us like this holiday. I told him that we should start a tradition of doing very un-Valentine things on Valentine’s Day and this year fits right in, since we’re not even hanging out together! He wasn’t super amused. I blame the broken knee.

I imagine his fall looked something like this…

Instead of my mystery date with Tall Guy, I’m going to meet a couple friends for happy hour at Jose Pistola’s, my new favorite Mexican bar in Center City. Seriously, it’s so delicious. Is it 6 o’clock yet? After that, one of my friends has a date with her boyfriend, wine and House of Cards Season 2, but my other friend and I are going to go wherever the night takes us… I’m actually really looking forward to my Valentine’s Day plans for once.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?


5 thoughts on “Someone Has to Say It…

  1. The plan was to just get Italian takeout and eat Reese’s PB cups, but my boyfriend just surprised me with tickets to the Billy Joel show at Citizen’s Bank Park in August! Now I feel like an ass because I didn’t get him anything, as was the plan… Hope you and Tall Guy have a nice Sunday and that he’s feeling better soon!

    • Thank you! We’re planning lunch at my apartment and movies since he can’t really do much else! Your boyfriend buying tickets now gives you an excuse to surprise him with something some day… Just because! (Aren’t those the best surprises, anyway?)

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