And the Oscar Goes to…

Tall Guy and I made it a point to see every film that’s an Oscar nominee for Best Picture. (Apparently he does this every year. He is a crazy movie geek… I maybe am jealous that I’ve never done this before… Don’t tell him I said that.)

On the off chance you haven’t seen all of them, here’s my spark notes review of each one that you’ll hopefully find helpful come March 2nd. Ratings are done on a 5 star scale.

In order of appearance…


I was under the impression that this entire film was about Sandra Bullock being trapped alone in space.. So I went into it wondering how, exactly, they filled an hour and a half with that story line and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did the movie have substance, but it kept a pretty good pace, too. The CGI looked real, save for one scene in the very beginning where the spaceship looked like a piece of paper floating across the screen (this might have been a product of the contrast, brightness, angle and size of my TV, though), so I imagine it will at least win that category. I love Sandra Bullock and Clooney, and the two of them worked very well off of one another. Tall Guy was unimpressed with Clooney’s performance, saying it was a typical Clooney role and he would like to see him play something different, but I kind of like the way the performance was so comfortable for Clooney. It made it feel almost familiar, in a good way. (Does that make sense?) Definitely see this movie if you have the chance.

My rating: ****
Tall Guy’s rating: *** ½

The Wolf of Wall Street

I wanted to like this movie. With Scorsese directing and Leo starring, I REALLY wanted to like this movie. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t there for me. No, I wasn’t shocked and awed and disgusted at the antics that DiCaprio’s character engaged in on a daily basis (“hookers and blow,” as Tall Guy likes to sum it up), I was actually kind of bored with them. Once you get over the initial “this guy is disgustingly rich and pretty much does whatever, and whoever, he wants,” there’s not much left to the film. The movie kind of just dragged on and on and was the same thing (read: hookers and blow) for its entirety. Jonah Hill’s character was pretty funny, and there were definitely comedic moments here and there, but nothing about this film really impressed me.

My rating: ***
Tall guy’s rating: ****

American Hustle

american hustle

Another movie I really wanted to like. OK, I did like most of it. It started off really strong and definitely drew me into the character’s lives quickly, but then got a little lost in itself in the middle. (Side note: I was also really tired when I watched it, so that probably didn’t help.) I really like all of the starring actors, and, aside from Amy Adam’s on-again/off-again accent, which Tall Guy REALLY got annoyed with, they didn’t disappoint. I thought the ending was pretty strong, as well, and really liked how it all wrapped up. I won’t elaborate any more than that for fear of spoilers…

My rating: ***
Tall Guy’s rating: ***

12 Years A Slave

I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to this film. Yes, I was sure it wouldn’t disappoint in terms of story, but I was really dreading watching something super depressing. I ended up really liking it, though! Sure, some scenes were hard to watch, but I was prepared for it to be way worse, sadness wise, so all’s well than ends well, really. The story was portrayed in an artsy way, but not too artsy that it became hard to follow and the acting was superb. Definitely deserving of its Oscar nod.

My rating: ****
Tall Guy’s rating: ***



This was a really upsetting film. I wasn’t super prepared for it to be SO sad, so that was difficult, but it wasn’t at all hard to get through. Judy Dench is great in anything, and her portrayal of Philomena did not disappoint. I didn’t realize there would be a birthing scene, either, so that was unfortunate since I reallllllly hate watching birthing scenes. Seriously- I had to close my eyes. I’m sure there’s some deep-rooted issue as to why I can’t/refuse to watch birthing scenes of any kind that I’ll have to work out with a therapist some day…

My rating: ***
Tall Guy’s rating: ***½

Dallas Buyers Club


I feel kind of weird saying that I love something that’s centered around a rather morbid subject like people dying of AIDS, but this was a really strong film. The acting was AMAZING. Seriously. I’ll be mad if Matthew and Jared don’t both win their own statues… On top of the acting, the story was really solid, flowed well and kept me interested through and through. And Jennifer Garner was the icing on the cake (I LOVE her).

My rating: ****
Tall Guy’s rating: **** “Acting was flawless”


Oof. It had its moments, but was pretty painful overall.

My rating: **
Tall Guy’s rating: **½

Captain Phillips

Definitely the movie that held my attention the most out of this group. The action started maybe five minutes in and was constant throughout the entirety of the film. I generally like Tom Hanks in the roles he plays, but this one might be my favorite. The story (based on real events) was compelling and complex, and the supporting cast was great, making this, in my opinion, the most well-rounded movie of all the nominees this year.

My rating: *****
Tall Guy’s rating: ****


“The future: where no one wears belts.” – Tall Guy

Better than I thought it was going to be, albeit I was picturing more of a comedy than the depressing film it actually is. I don’t even really know what to say about it.. Pretty blah. Could have been clever given the fact that the main female lead is never actually seen on camera, but the love story was pretty typical, making ScarJo’s character your typical female lead, standard relationship complaints and all.

My rating: **
Tall Guy’s rating: **

My Picks

Dark horse: Philomena
Runner up: 12 Years a Slave
If it was up to me: Captain Phillips

Tall Guy’s Picks

Dark horse: Philomena
Runner up: The Wolf of Wall Street
If it was up to me: Dallas Buyers Club

And the Oscar goes to… Dallas Buyers Club


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