Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Vetri

Tall Guy and I love trying new restaurants. I have a “Philadelphia restaurant bucket list” that is a mile long, and lately we’ve been making a point to cross more places off my list! I’ve been thinking of doing restaurant reviews on the blog for a while, and there’s no time like the present, so starting today, I’ll be bringing you restaurant reviews on a (hopefully at least somewhat) regular basis! Enjoy!

First up…

Pizzeria Vetri

I’m a pizza lover, so when Pizzeria Vetri moved into the neighborhood (er, close-ish to my neighborhood), I couldn’t wait to try it!

We went last Friday around 8 pm and the place was packed! Amazingly, the wait for a table was only 15 minutes, and we actually got seated in about 10. The kitchen and pizza area take up about half of the restaurant, and they have a gift shop/possible bar area of sorts right to the left of the entrance which took up another chunk of space. They have a few outdoor tables, but mostly communal style tables inside. And then there’s a row of bar-type seats facing the pizza oven. We were lucky enough to get seated by the oven. What is it about being able to watch people make pizza that is so exciting? Whatever it is, having some seating right by all the action is genius.

The restaurant might have been crowded, but the seating did not feel cramped at all. We got to know our neighbors pretty well, however, as Tall Guy got into a football conversation with a guy sitting to our left and an older gentleman sitting to our right told me not to worry about the sauce I ended up getting on my scarf (you can’t take me anywhere). Despite those conversations, it never felt like we were on top of the other diners, something I truly cannot stand when going out. I don’t mind tables that are close together, but I don’t like to eat with complete strangers. Somehow, Pizzeria Vetri found the perfect balance.

The menu was large enough, but thankfully not overwhelming. Since it’s Lent and we went on a Friday, I wasn’t able to eat meat, but there were more than enough options for me, which was awesome. They also have a good selection of beer and specialty Italian drinks (like after dinner liqueurs and Italian sodas). They even have some desserts, which surprised me for some reason, but looked delicious nonetheless (and I overheard our server raving about the soft serve).


We just got one pizza. While every dish that passed looked amazing, Tall Guy and I weren’t super hungry, so we decided to go with the “house” pizza, just to get a feel for what Pizzeria Vetri was all about. We were going to go with the Margherita, but instead our waitress recommended the Marinara with cheese, saying it was a bit more flavorful. I can’t attest to the flavors of the Margherita, but the Marinara pizza did not disappoint. It’s somewhere between a personal pizza and a small pizza in size, so it was perfect to split between the two of us, but you are probably better off getting a couple of pizzas if you’re in a larger group (or are super hungry). The pizza was thin thin thin, but the edges of the crust were nice and large, with the perfect crust to fluff exterior/interior that only the best pizza has. How do they do that? I thought pizza was either thin or not thin, how do they manage to get both types into one pie?! It’s a pizza mystery that will keep me coming back for more.

Pizzeria Vetri, 1939 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, PA; open 11am – 11pm, 7 days a week; reservations not accepted.



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