Restaurant Review: Tela’s Market & Kitchen

Ok, so Tela’s isn’t technically a restaurant, but it’s close enough! It’s fairly new to the neighborhood, and I’ve been wanting to try it since I found out it was coming in.

The market section is super cute! The space is very open, with the “kitchen” and tables on one side, the prepared foods counter in the middle and groceries lining the walls. Personally, I can’t stand when markets/grocery stores/etc. have tiny aisles that are packed with things everywhere. I get overwhelmed when everything is crowded, but Tela’s had plenty of space to walk around and check out the selection. There aren’t a whole lot of groceries, but it does have a nice deli section, a to-go case and delicious looking prepared foods. The prices range from reasonable ($2.99 for a large container of half & half) to not so much (about $5+ for a bunch of asparagus). Definitely not some place I would stop if I had the choice, but it’s good in a pinch, I’m sure.

The “kitchen” aspect is awesome! They have a pretty solid menu of breakfast and lunch choices, as well as a “snack” menu available every afternoon and a kids menu. Along with the food, they have plenty of specialty sodas and bottled drinks to choose from, as well as the standard coffee and espresso drinks.

Tall Guy and I stopped in on our way home from the train station around 2 pm today. We just wanted a little something to split, and Tela’s totally hit the spot.

I ordered a cappuccino to start. The drink was smooth and there was even a little bit of foam art! Unfortunately, I do have to say that it wasn’t really a cappuccino. I was a barista at one point in college, so I’m a little bit of a drink snob, but this stuff does matter! A latte is espresso with steamed milk and a layer of foam on top, a cappuccino is espresso with steamed milk and much more foam, maybe about 1/4 cup full of foam. I know, I know- it’s mostly the same thing, but I ordered a cappuccino specifically so I could get that little bit of extra foam, so you can kind of see why that’s worth noting, right? Regardless, it was delicious and I drank every last drop.


We decided to split the meatball parm sandwich. All sandwiches come with a side salad that has a delicious lemon vinaigrette dressing, although you can sub the salad with fruit for $1. The sandwich was so, so good. The bread, which is obviously the most important part, was amazing. It was a baguette, I think, but it was perfectly baked so it wasn’t too hard to bite into and  there was a good amount of the soft bread interior in each bite I took. The meatballs were large and were accompanied by the perfect amount of sauce. Don’t you hate sloppy sandwiches? I know I do… The sandwich was large enough to split, although I wouldn’t recommend that if you’re really hungry!

meatball parm

Overall, Tela’s was great. The atmosphere was nice, great for the late lunch that we stopped in for, and they had great music (think the Adele pandora playlist) playing. While it’s a bit pricey, the food was delicious and clearly made up of high quality ingredients. Tall Guy and I will definitely be back for more.

Tela’s Market & Kitchen, 1833 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA; open 6:30am – 8pm M-F, 8am – 8pm S+S.


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