Restaurant Review: Tria Taproom

I’m a big fan of Tria (I mean, what could be bad about a wine, cheese and beer cafe?), so when I heard about Tria Taproom not too long ago, I was really interested.

I met a friend there around 7 pm last Tuesday and the place was pretty crowded! Luckily there were two open seats at the bar, so we didn’t have to wait at all. With fairly low lighting and small tables, Tria Taproom would be ideal as a date spot, but not so great for larger groups. (Sorry, Broke Girls Book Club…)

Instead of signs on the wall or traditional drink menus, we were given a tablet to look at the drink selection! Kind of a cool way to use technology, right? But also, it kind of felt snobby in a way. Like “look at us, we’re so cool and hip, we have everything on tap and even fancy schmancy menu technology!” Does that make sense? Who knows, though- tablets could be the menus of the future!


Tablet drink menu. What the what?

The bartender who got our drinks was really nice and knowledgeable about the selection. He even offered up a sample of one of the ciders for us. Bartenders who give free samples always get extra points in my book. I ordered a Bullfrog Farmhouse Strawberry Brown and my friend got a cider. I’ve been trying to branch out in my drink selections lately, and was very pleased with the Strawberry Brown, a full, but not heavy ale with hints of strawberry.

Our drinks came quickly, but then we were left sitting there with menus for what felt like forever. It was fairly busy, but there were a bunch of bartenders and none of them seemed too rushed to come over and take our order, yet it took a good 20+ minutes before anyone did. I even stacked our menus and put them sideways to show that we were done looking at them, but still, no one came over. I can’t speak to the attentiveness of the wait staff, but the bartenders need to be a bit more aware of their patrons.

When we finally did order, I got the Po’Boy Poppers and my friend got the Breakfast Flatbread without bacon. My poppers (fried oysters and apple slaw on toasted brioche with spicy remoulade) were super yummy, but tiny! If you read the blog on a regular basis, you know I’m trying to eat healthy, so the small portion was actually a good thing, but for $9, I expected a little bit more food. (Although Tall Guy said that is a good price for the dish, and he’s the expert, so…) They did satisfy me for the time being, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

The flatbread looked delicious, although I didn’t try it. It was a really good size, perfect for one person or to split with someone else if you’re not that hungry or plan on ordering multiple dishes. All of the flatbreads sounded good, so I would definitely go back to try some more items on the menu!

Overall, I liked Tria Tap, but it definitely is not my favorite spot by any means. With all the other places I want to try or already love, I don’t expect to go back there anytime soon. I much prefer Tria Cafe, which has an atmosphere and staff more suited to my tastes. The food and drinks were great, though, so don’t overlook it on that front!

Tria Taproom, 2005 Walnut Street, Phila., PA 19103; open 7 days a week, noon – late night; reservations not accepted.

Have you been to Tria Taproom? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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