Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

… But sometimes it just has to be done. And I finally did it! Yeah, my scale and I are officially on a break. (You didn’t think I was talking about Tall Guy, did you?!)


My scale was really only good for 2 things: collecting dust and making me feel bad about myself. So when I finally decided to get serious about making some life improvements, I knew it was time to say “sayonara” to that little sucker.

Why do we need scales anyway? We know by now that how much you weigh is not always an accurate depiction of how healthy you are, so why are we obsessed with that one number? Why do we spend hours obsessing over it and trying to change it?

I care more about how I feel than how the scale tells me to feel. As my mom says, the number on the scale is subjective. Let’s say you step on the scale and see the number 150. You used to weight 160 lbs, so you are positively joyous that you’ve lost 10 pounds. By the same token, let’s say you see the number 150 and used to weigh 140 lbs. Now you’re not so happy to see that 150, are you?

Getting rid of my scale doesn’t mean I forget what I weighed the last time I got on it, but it does mean that I’m choosing to rely on my body to tell me what’s working and what’s not, instead of on a single number. If I look at myself in a few weeks and notice that my calves are more toned, my stomach is a little less bloated and my thighs seem to have shrunk a bit, I won’t care what that number on the scale says, even if it’s the same as what it was the last time I weighed myself. I’ll just enjoy the fact that I can see my hard work paying off, instead of obsessing about the fact that the number on the scale hasn’t gone down. Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?

Do you own a scale? Would you ever consider getting rid of it? Let me know in the comments!


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