TV Update: Finale Edition

OK, I have a confession. I haven’t been watching a ton of TV lately! And by lately, I mean that I haven’t seen the finales for at least a few of the shows I used to watch. Similar to what happened during the mid-season break, I’ve done a lot of TV show cleansing in the past couple of months. Once again, I got pretty behind on my shows and realized that I felt “forced” to catch up on some of them… When it starts feeling like a job, you know you need to make some changes!

What I’m Watching

Game of Thrones – LOVE it.

Mad Men – I haven’t loved the final season, but the mid-season finale thing (last week’s episode) was pretty good. Plus, I’ve stuck around this long, so I’m not going to give up on it now.

The Walking Dead – I loved this last season and am eagerly awaiting the next! (The fact that Tall Guy and I watch it together is a pretty big bonus, as well.)

Nashville – My love for Connie Britton will keep me watching this show. It kind of lost itself a little in the middle of the season, but I thought the season finale was strong, and I’m glad they’re bringing it back for a third year.

True Blood – I’m so sad the coming season will be the last! Also, one of my favorite characters (you know who if you watch it) better NOT be dead!


The Bachelor/Bachelorette – Juan Pablo ruined it for me. I won’t be watching any further seasons.
Chicago Fire
AHS: Coven – I got all the way until the finale and stopped caring. I’m sad that it lost me, the season started off so strong!
Grey’s AnatomyScandal

Do you remember way back in the Fall when I had a ton of shows to watch? I’m proud to say that I’ve cut my number of shows in HALF!

What shows are you still following?


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