Restaurant Review: Hickory Lane

Hickory Lane is a hop, skip and a jump away from my apartment. Tall Guy and I LOVE going there and are friendly with quite a few of the waitresses (shout out to Sarah, who always takes great care of us!). I can tell you right now that I have nothing negative to say about it, but since that alone doesn’t make for a very good review, allow me to go into detail…

We went there for brunch this past weekend. I felt like I hadn’t been to brunch in forever and was so happy to be back, especially at Hickory Lane. I love their brunch because they have standard brunch fare like omelets, pancakes and yogurt with berries, but they also have more adventurous brunch dishes (think cookies and cream french toast and pork belly eggs benedict), all of which are delicious.

We started off with coffee, of course, and a couple drinks. Their coffee is superb, which is essential for any good brunch place, and their drinks are equally satisfying. They have a variety of mimosas and a fun cocktail menu. I got a pomegranate mimosa, which I loved. While that wasn’t Tall Guy’s favorite, he really liked the Veruca Salt Lemonade (and so did I!). Both drinks were fresh, and refreshing, and perfect for a Summer morning.


Since it had been so long, Tall Guy and I both wanted eggs benedict (have I told you that’s his favorite brunch item, too?). We first had the pork belly eggs benedict way back when it was still an item on the specials menu, and were pleasantly surprised to see it on the regular menu.

Pork Belly Benedict

Pork Belly Benedict

Since we didn’t want to be boring and order the same thing, we decided to split the eggs benedict and the pork belly benedict. Both are out-of-this-world delicious. The pork belly is, obviously, a little more fattening and greasy, but so, so worth it. The traditional eggs benedict might be my favorite eggs benny in the city (and I am not an easy critic)!

Traditional Eggs Benedict

Traditional Eggs Benedict

Tall Guy and I go to Hickory Lane fairly often and I’ve never had a bad experience or a meal I didn’t like.. I can tell you that they have a mouth-watering delicious burger (something about the mix of meats they use makes it extra good) and a creative, but not too overwhelming menu. If you haven’t been to Hickory Lane yet, go there asap! (And take advantage of the nice weather with their outdoor seating!)

Hickory Lane, 2025 Fairmount Ave, Phila., PA; open M-W 3:30 pm – 10 pm, Th/F 11 am – 10 pm, S/S 10 am – 10 pm.


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