Baby Come Back


Yesterday’s Tuesday Thoughts post was my first post since August 12th. A birthday, a breakup and a move into my own apartment later, and I’m officially back.

One day, you think you have it all figured out, and the next you’re crying to your mom on the phone begging her to let you come home and start all over. (Luckily, she knew just as well as you did that moving back into your childhood bedroom was not the solution.) What is it about traumatic life events that always makes you want to run home to your parents, no matter how old you are?

If anything, I’m living proof that there’s always a way out. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say.

I like to think I’m a realist. When something isn’t working, I try to correct the situation, maybe too many times, before I completely call it quits. But at some point you just have to realize that the situation isn’t going to change unless you do. And I guess that’s why I’m writing this from the couch in my very first 1 bedroom apartment. Where I live. By myself. (Well… With my cat.)

Now I’m on the hunt for a part-time job (you know, so I can actually, like, afford this apartment), while trying to bring all the things I love back into my life. Like baking, reading, blogging… The list goes on.

Does it sound too cliche to say how excited I am to be on my own again? They say your 20s are supposed to be your selfish years, right? Maybe I’m just a little fashionably late to that party…

Hello blog, I’ve missed you.


2 thoughts on “Baby Come Back

  1. You are a strong woman! You always stay true to yourself + come out on the other side with so much more strength. So glad you’re back on your blogging, you have such a knack for it and are so great at it. Olive Juice!

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