A 2014 “To-Do” List

Way back in January, I decided that there were 13 things that I was definitely going to do this year. Let’s see how I’m doing…

My 2014 To-Do List

… finally finally finally go to NYC. Nope.

read at least 1 book every month. Hopefully more than that, though! Thanks Broke Girls Book Club!

… make at least 1 new recipe (from my list of 49+ pages of recipes to try) every month. Not so much (and now the list is up to 56 pages…)

… go camping. Is it too late for this now that it’s October?

… learn how to play the guitar that’s been sitting in the corner of my living room since I moved into my apartment over a year ago… Not yet

… bake and make more desserts! The last time I baked anything was over a month ago…

… keep playing pool (in hopes that I’ll eventually become good at it). I haven’t played pool since before Tall Guy hurt his knee last February…

… do at least 1 creative thing a month. Not quite…

… go up to the observation deck in City Hall. Ugh. No. 

… use the pastry bags and tips that Tall Guy got me for Christmas to decorate cakes and cupcakes. I tried to use them once and failed miserably. Do they have directions for those things?!

… figure out how to use the espresso machine my parents gave me last Summer. The years of sitting in our attic hadn’t been very good to it. When I went to finally use it, I found mold growing. 

… go paddle boarding. No.

… go to the Art Museum! Still no. (And still so ashamed). 

So… do you think it’s possible to cram all of this into the next 3 months?


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