Broke Girls Love Fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year! If you follow the blog, you already know I love pumpkin everything, but that’s not the only thing I like about this season…

Broke Girls Go Out


Ok, I guess I have to admit it- I am a stereotypical white girl when it comes to all things Fall. That includes the “sweater weather,” pretty foliage and, of course, pumpkin flavored everything! Yes, I love it all. (#whitegirlproblems) And I could sit here and tell you all about how much I love pumpkin and baking pumpkin things and Halloween and foliage… But I won’t. Because what I really love about Fall is the promise of a new beginning.

I know New Years pretty much has a monopoly on the whole “new beginning” thing, but I’ve always thought there was something special about Fall. Maybe it’s because from a very young age we’re programmed to equate Fall with the start of a new school year, or something about the crispness of the air, but whatever it is- Fall is the perfect opportunity to start all the things you’ve been trying to…

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