Chrystina Noel Custom Greeting Cards

For those of you that don’t know, I love (love love LOVE) giving people cards. Birthday cards, thank you notes, love notes- you name it! If I had the money to send someone a card every day of the week, I totally would.

With that said, no one is surprised that I jumped at the chance to have Chrystina Noel make a card for me!

How It Works
You select options for your card right on her website. You’ll decide things like color, shape and pattern, and will also pick a few of your favorite designs from cards she has previously done. Then you’ll write what should go on the inside and outside of the card.

You can have the card shipped to you (it comes with an envelope), or you can coordinate picking it up. Cards cost $6 (plus tax and shipping).

The Finished Product
Move over, Paper Source! The card Chrystina made for me was absolutely perfect.

I decided I wanted to send a card to my best friend, and chose some of our favorite funny song lyrics to go on it. With the lyrics in mind, I had an idea of how I wanted the card to look, but didn’t give any specific description aside from filling in all of the design questions mentioned above.

The card I received did not disappoint! It was even pretty close to how I pictured it would be, so rest assured that Chrystina will be on point with anything you ask her to create.

I’ve never looked into custom cards before because I just assumed they would be too expensive, but Chrystina’s prices are more than reasonable, especially for the completely unique card you end up getting! I will definitely be making a custom card purchase in the future!

Head over to Chrystina’s just-launched card website to check out some of her previous cards and then order a card of your very own.

Note: I received my custom card for free for review purposes. All opinions about the process and the product are my own. 


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