Round-Up: Summer Favorites

You know those things you see and are instantly obsessed with and need to own/eat/use ASAP? These have been mine from the past couple of months…

summer favorites graphic

  1. I saw this Lolo Bag in the window of a boutique and immediately HAD TO HAVE IT! When I finally went back to make the purchase, it was gone! (Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending- it was still available online and is my new travel makeup bag!)
  2. Essie Tart Deco
  3. This is only the best snack mix around! Ain’t no party like a Zen Party, amiright?
  4. OK, so I haven’t actually read Ernest Cline’s new book Armada yet, but Tall Guy got it for me for my birthday and the cover is so pretty! Totally NOT judging this book by the cover though, if it’s anything like Ready Player One, I can’t wait to crack it open.
  5. I got Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara as a birthday gift from Ulta and it’s AMAZING! Even Tall Guy noticed the difference in my lashes!
  6. Tall Guy got me this pillow for my birthday when we saw it at Franklin Flea! Best addition to my couch (and also most expensive pillow I own…)
  7. The only thing that got me through last July 4th was my Stila stay all day liquid lipstick (#10 beso)
  8. Not technically something you can own, and I know it’s certainly not new, but I discovered Nuts to You this past Summer and it was life changing. I HIGHLY recommend the salted caramel covered pretzels.

6 thoughts on “Round-Up: Summer Favorites

  1. That pillow is absolutely adorable! I love it so much. You have many great summer favorites. I’ll definitely have to try some of them. That nail color is absolutely beautiful too. Just greatness!

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