Two Week Challenge: Don’t Stop Believin’

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks since my last 2 week challenge… Lately, my “challenge” has been life itself!

The past few weeks I’ve been totally consumed with apartment hunting. With a fairly low budget and high hopes, it was an uphill battle from the start. I feel like all I’ve done the past few weeks is search through endless craigslist ads and attempt to squeeze in apartment showings around my work day. Apartment hunting is EXHAUSTING, you guys. After missing out on a couple of places that I really wanted, I’m thankful to finally be able to say that I have a place to live come August 1!

In between apartment hunting, in an attempt to relax and decompress, Tall Guy and I have been grilling a bunch and I’ve done my best to get my tanning in during the weekends, which is not an easy task when you’re running to the other end of the city to see an apartment at 9 am on a Saturday!

When life got super hectic, running, exercising and eating right were the last things on my mind. Some days it was hard just to stay afloat! So my (now month-long) running challenge did not go as planned. I’m disappointed, but I’m still not giving up. Somewhere in the chaos, I decided that being so hard on myself was not helping the situation. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get to run every time I want to. There are a lot of other exercise activities I can do instead, and I’m working on getting over my “run or bust” mentality. That’s not to say that I’m not still attempting to establish a running schedule, but I don’t want not being able to run to stop me from doing something else that will help out my fitness efforts. So I’ve started lifting weights every now and then. Teensy tiny little 5 lb weights since I’m a weakling, but weights nonetheless! And I’m walking as much as possible (which is not hard since I walk everywhere and lately have been going to the end of this city and back to see apartments). And in the meantime, I’m taking comfort in the wise words of John Bingham.



Runnin’ Runnin’, and Runnin’ Runnin’, and…

OK, you guys. My attempts at getting on a solid running schedule have mostly failed. First it was a forgotten brace and uncooperative weather, then it was my injured ankle, traveling, more bad weather and playing doctor to one very sick and immobile Tall Guy (his knee cap is broken- don’t even get me started). Is this the universe trying to tell me something? I don’t know. But you know what? FUCK THAT. I’m not giving up.


I’m officially putting my foot down. I’m not going to let life get in the way of my running efforts any longer. How will I do that, exactly? I have no idea. But I’m sick of always being on the cusp of getting a good routine down, but never quite getting there. No more. Do you hear me universe? NO. MORE.

Any advice? Share it in the comments! (I need all the help I can get!)


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

… But sometimes it just has to be done. And I finally did it! Yeah, my scale and I are officially on a break. (You didn’t think I was talking about Tall Guy, did you?!)


My scale was really only good for 2 things: collecting dust and making me feel bad about myself. So when I finally decided to get serious about making some life improvements, I knew it was time to say “sayonara” to that little sucker.

Why do we need scales anyway? We know by now that how much you weigh is not always an accurate depiction of how healthy you are, so why are we obsessed with that one number? Why do we spend hours obsessing over it and trying to change it?

I care more about how I feel than how the scale tells me to feel. As my mom says, the number on the scale is subjective. Let’s say you step on the scale and see the number 150. You used to weight 160 lbs, so you are positively joyous that you’ve lost 10 pounds. By the same token, let’s say you see the number 150 and used to weigh 140 lbs. Now you’re not so happy to see that 150, are you?

Getting rid of my scale doesn’t mean I forget what I weighed the last time I got on it, but it does mean that I’m choosing to rely on my body to tell me what’s working and what’s not, instead of on a single number. If I look at myself in a few weeks and notice that my calves are more toned, my stomach is a little less bloated and my thighs seem to have shrunk a bit, I won’t care what that number on the scale says, even if it’s the same as what it was the last time I weighed myself. I’ll just enjoy the fact that I can see my hard work paying off, instead of obsessing about the fact that the number on the scale hasn’t gone down. Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?

Do you own a scale? Would you ever consider getting rid of it? Let me know in the comments!

Weekday Workouts: 7-Minute Edition

To make an impossibly long, boring story short- I’ve finally (!) started working out again after getting an ankle injury that just would NOT heal about 2 months ago. I got said injury 2 weeks into a really great exercise kick (isn’t that how it always happens?!), so I’m SUPER happy to finally feel injury free (although I admittedly do still wrap my ankle when I’m exercising and walking to/from work… just to be on the safe side)!

If you’re like me, working out is not something that comes naturally. Yes, I understand why it needs to be done and recognize how great I feel on days I get a good workout in, but it still usually takes me a few weeks with a solid exercise routine to really start to look forward to my workouts, let alone enjoy them. On top of that, I’m STILL trying to become a “morning workout” person… To say it’s not going well is an understatement.

I like to do an every-other day routine- pretty much weights one day, cardio the day after, and so on and so forth. But some days I just don’t have the time to get a full workout in. That’s where this 7-minute high intensity circuit training (HICT) workout comes in. This workout is supposed to be as effective as running and weight-training combined. You can read more about HICT here.

While I can’t attest to the effectiveness of the workout just yet, I can tell you that it definitely gets me sweating by the end of the first round, and that’s gotta be a better option than not working out at all, right? The best part is that this workout can be done almost anywhere, so the next time you’re tight on time and can’t get to the gym, don’t forget about this workout!

Do each of the following exercises for 30 seconds at the highest intensity you can. Rest for 10 seconds between each exercise. Repeat 2-3 times, as your schedule allows. (Need a timer? Download an app!)

1. Jumping jacks

2. Wall sit

3. Push-up

4. Abdominal crunch

5. Step-up (I use a small stool)

6. Squat

7. Tricep dips

8. Plank

9. High knees (running in place)

10. Lunge

11. Rotating push-ups

12. Side plank

Have a quick workout you love? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy sweating! x