I Break it Down: JT’s “Suit and Tie”

For your entertainment, the following are my initial reactions to Justin Timberlake’s new song. Disclaimer: I generally think JT can do no wrong… And still hold out hope that he and Britney will get back together.

0:07 – Shit tied? What?

0:19 – What’s that voice in the back? It sounds like someone who kidnapped a girl and is asking for ransom money over the phone.

0:51 – So hot… Just like an oven. My new favorite pickup line.

1:14 – What is this? What is this even about? A doozie? I thought that was a bad thing?

1:26 – OK, the chorus is kinda catchy…

1:31 – Oh, you can show me a few things anytime, JT.

1:42 – I’m really liking the black and white video with the graphics in color.. Not quite sure how I feel about having the lyrics up, but I like that it’s different.

2:09 – Shit’s SO sick.

2:20 – JT wants me to call him daddy… Took a cue from Usher, I guess.

2:22 – I appreciate the way he says “things” like “thangs.”

3:16 – JAY Z!

4:13 – Is JT stoned?

4:24 – Maybe he’s constipated.

4:50 – I mean, he could have just stood there in a suit the entire video and I wouldn’t be complaining…

5:18 – The 20/20 experience? I’m intrigued…

5:27 – That ending face is not quite strong enough for my liking.

Let me know what you think about “Suit and Tie” in the comments!