Introducing… The PHL Lady Project!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the kickoff event for the Philadelphia chapter of The Lady Project!

If you’ve never heard of The Lady Project before, think Sex and the City meets networking group. Based in Providence, RI (yay New England!), this women-only networking group encourages you to “come as you are” and strives to bring some fun back to networking events. (They were fun once, right?) The Lady Project currently has chapters in Providence, Boston, New Haven, Nashua (NH), Washington DC, Seattle and New York City, in addition to the brand spanking new Philly chapter, and I have a hunch they’ll be expanding to many more cities in the coming year. Each chapter has their own website where you can find events and sign up to become a member.

Elizabeth and Sierra excited to kick off the PHL Lady Project chapter! photo credit: Angela Christaldi (@angelanoelle18)

Elizabeth and Sierra excited to kick off the PHL Lady Project chapter! photo credit: Angela Christaldi (@angelanoelle18)

The PHL Launch Party was held at Fieldhouse, which I just found out has a secret room for private events- who knew?! The event featured 3 speakers, Chrystina Noel (representing the PHLBloggers!), Emily Carris of The Art Dept and Katlyn Grasso of GenHERation, but was heavy on the fun networking- with free drink tickets for any Narragansett beer (a sponsor, of course) and lots of time to meet the awesome ladies in attendance. PHL chapter manager Elizabeth (Of Fraggles and Friggles) and Lady Project co-founder Sierra Barter also got up to say a few words about the organization. While they welcomed everyone no matter their background, aspirations or attire, I must say, this event was attended by some supremely well-dressed ladies!

Here I am with a couple PHLBloggers, Jillian and Lydia. photo credit: Angela Christaldi (@angelanoelle18)

Here I am with a couple of the PHLBloggers, Jillian and Lydia. photo credit: Angela Christaldi (@angelanoelle18)

I can’t wait to see what the PHL Lady Project has in store for the women of Philadelphia. And for this woman, I can already tell it’s going to be a lot… I’m excited to say I’ll be lending my services as the Social Media Coordinator for the chapter! (Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PHLLadyProject and “like” us on Facebook! #shamelessselfpromotion)

And check out our upcoming events! I might be biased, but don’t these sound cool?!

Membership has different tiers (ranging from $25 for student to $500 for corporate), so head to the Lady Project website to find out more information and see which membership is right for you. As a member, you get access to your chapter’s members-only facebook group, perks and discounts at various businesses (MOO, Uber and Batchbook, to name a few) and access to the Lady Project members-only Linkedin group. Plus, you get a constantly growing network of women across the country who are ready and willing to support you in your future endeavors.  Sign me up!


Surviving Night Market

Oops, I did it again… Went to Night Market, that is! Last week I braved the crowds and potential heat at Night Market South Street West! With a few Night Markets under my belt at this point, and a handful more coming up this Summer, here are a few tips to help you actually enjoy yourself…

Stick with your buddy! Definitely bring a friend who is as much of an adventurous eater as you are! With so many options, you’ll want to try as much as you possibly can- a feat made easier if you have someone to split all that food with!

Three’s a crowd. Having told pretty much everyone I know about the South Street West date, I ended up going with only 3 other people. And thank God for that, because It was difficult enough to find everyone at the start, and I can only imagine how much worse it would have been with the large group that was originally planning to attend! Splitting off in pairs is perfect- 2 people for a beer run, and 2 people waiting for food. Pro tip: Designate a meeting place a few blocks outside of the food truck zone and, if at all possible, wait to all go into the chaos as a group.

Early bird gets the worm. The earlier you can get there, the better. We got there right at 6 pm (which was the official start time) while some of the trucks were still opening up. The crowds hadn’t descended yet, so we were able to walk the entire row and see the majority of trucks before picking the ones we definitely wanted to try. We even had time for an early bite at a truck that didn’t have a line yet (the “Patio Daddy-o” sandwich from Scratch Biscuits, which is opening up a storefront on 13th and Chestnut and is brought to you by the people behind Supper… Also the only food I didn’t snap a picture of that night! Whoops.)

Choose your battles. The lines were manageable until about 2 hours in, when you could no longer tell where the lines ended and the crowd started. Knowing that it will continue to get more and more crowded, pick out a few trucks you definitely want to try and be ready to wait. All of the lines we stood in seemed to move fairly quickly, but that’s not to say we didn’t do our fair share of waiting! If some of the long lines turn you off, know that you really can’t go wrong with any of the trucks, and you can try the others at the next Night Market!

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