Olympics Obsessed

It’s finally here! The Olympics Opening Ceremony is TONIGHT!

Even though Sochi is kind of a hot mess,  I’ve been counting down the days to the Olympics and cannot wait to see all of the different events! Everyone is as excited about the Olympics as I am, right?

My Olympics obsession started way back in February 2002 when my dad and I took a trip to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was pretty young, but I will never forget all of the crazy things we did on that trip. Highlights include… Seeing the US Women’s bobsled team win Gold; taking an old-school train through the countryside to the cross country course; sitting in the very back row at the ski jumping stadium and making friends with the women next to us; getting ice cream from a shop called COWS; trading 3 pins for a green jello pin; seeing Bode Miller on the podium at a Medal Ceremony; my dad and I making the best steak sandwiches I’ve ever had in our tiny hotel room; sitting on the side of a mountain at a skiing event with no jacket on because it was super warm out; getting a t-shirt signed by the Jamaican bobsled team; going to a Dale Chihuly exhibit; seeing a medal women’s hockey game and watching the losing team cry on the ice; and realizing I had the best dad ever when he got tickets to the Medal Ceremony where ‘N Sync was performing. We saw every event except for curling and speed skating and it was, hands down, the best vacation I have ever had (and probably will ever have)! We took millions of pictures, but unfortunately they were all on disposable cameras (do you remember those?) and the prints are now sitting in an album at my parent’s house, so I can’t share them with you, but just take my word that the trip was amazing.


My dad sent me this picture last week! We bought one of the (super fancy shmancy) 2002 Olympic commemorative ornaments.

So not only do I love watching the Winter Olympics every 4 years because of the fun events (snow cross, anyone?) and the amazing athleticism that these people display, but it brings back really fond memories of my own Olympics experience.

Tune in to the Opening Ceremony tonight on NBC at 7:30 pm! And be sure to check out the NBC Olympics TV schedule so you don’t miss your favorite events!


Don’t Talk to Me While I’m Watching Hockey

HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! And clearly I couldn’t care less…


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Yes, tonight is a good night because hockey is FINALLY, officially, on my TV again. And I, of course, am rocking some orange and black gear. If you haven’t discovered your love for hockey yet, do yourself a favor and put on a game tonight, ok? GO FLYERS!

For NHL Fans Only

In keeping with my “posting other people’s articles” theme that I inadvertently have going on right now, I offer you this. Not so informative, just really funny… A great way to end the week, if you ask me! And you’re gonna wanna click the “just trust us” link in there (young Keith Primeau!).

Note: Obviously you don’t have to be a hockey fan to read it, but you might not think it’s funny otherwise. Do yourself a favor and become a hockey a fan, ok?

Thanks to my friend @timbruckner for sharing it with me!