Round-Up: Winter Favorites

Spring is RIGHT around the corner! Here are some things that got me through the Winter months…

winter favorites


1. Soap & Glory Oat, Sugar & Shea Breakfast Scrub smells SO. AMAZING. I almost want to eat it.

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy is the only thing that can keep my lips from getting chapped in the Winter.

3. Tall Guy got me Chromecast for Christmas and I’m obsessed with it! You set it up with wifi on any TV in your house and you can stream right to your TV! Apps like HBOGo and Netflix work with it (among a ton of others), so it basically can turn any TV into a Smart TV, which is pretty awesome. And super clutch for my bedroom, where  I have a TV, but not a cable box.

4. Tall Guy also got me the Scooby Doo Where Are You? Mystery Machine boxed set. Are you a Scooby fan? The new stuff just doesn’t compare to the original episodes! #childatheart

5. Urban Decay’s Naked2 was another gift from Tall Guy (he did good this year). On top of loving the shades in the palette, the names are super fun, too.

6. I knew I had to get a new pair of running shoes when I found holes in the ones I had been wearing! I had been wearing a pair of Brooks shoes that I got at City Sports (RIP City Sports… kind of), and while they were fine, they took a lot of getting used to and ultimately I never fell in love with them. But the second I put on my new New Balance sneakers, I remembered why I’ve never liked another pair as much! (Pictured are the exact model/color I got, the 860v6 women’s running shoes.)

7. My mom gave me a Bubba travel coffee mug for Christmas a couple years ago and it’s the most functional (and longest lasting) travel mug I’ve ever had. Of course I love the Starbucks mugs, with their fun designs and colors, but after cycling through mug after mug that broke in a too-short time frame, I ditched the Starbucks ones. The best part is how long the Bubba mug keeps coffee hot (we’re talking hours, here, people). Highly recommend!

8. I am DEFINITELY late to the spiralizer party, but I’m so excited to finally be on board with this new craze! I borrowed a friend’s spiralizer to try before committing to buying my own, and it was so easy to use, and the meal came out so great, that I turned right around and bought one the next day. It tastes like pasta, and pairs well with anything you would put on real pasta, but it’s a vegetable and you can basically eat as much of it as you want. AND it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated and gross like some pasta dishes do. Win!