Goodbye, 2014

I can’t say I’m sad to see 2014 go.

Don’t get me wrong, some really great things happened this past year.

I read some really great books.

night filmready player oeyes pleaseclearly i didnt

I saw some really great movies.

gone girl posterinterstellar posterRush_PosterSaving-Mr-Banks-Teaser-Poster

I watched some really great TV.

game-of-thrones-tv-movie-posternewsroom_postersoa_tv postertwd postertrue-blood-poster

My brother graduated from high school and started college. I got a new job. I fell in love. I fell out of love.  I moved out of an apartment with a roommate and moved into an apartment with a boyfriend. And then moved out of that apartment and into a place of my very own… And then had to get a new second job in order to afford said place of my very own. I joined a gym. I made new friends. I lost some along the way, too.

2014 has been a roller coaster of year. It has taught me a lot about life and a lot about myself.

In 2014 I learned…

Love really does make you do crazy things. Like stick around for longer than you should and put up with things that you shouldn’t have to. It’s easy to sit there and say what you would do if you were in someone’s shoes, but it’s a whole other thing to actually be that someone in the thick of things. You never know what someone is going through, so can we all just start being nice to each other?

There is always a way out if you want there to be. I was the first person to tell people how bad of an idea I thought moving in with a boyfriend/girlfriend was, and then I did the very thing I used to preach against! So when it wasn’t working out, I felt like such an idiot. I’m lucky to have supportive friends who would always let me vent and parents who offered to help me even before I asked.

Don’t ignore your intuition. That little voice inside your head that’s whispering to you? Accept the fact that it knows better than you do and listen to what it’s saying.

Nothing is as important as your own health and happiness.

Someone who sees the glass half empty all the time is not someone you want to be around.

Just because you post copious amounts of cat pictures on your instagram and no longer have a boyfriend does NOT mean you are a crazy cat lady. (Saying this for a friend.)

Not wearing makeup isn’t the end of the world. In fact, no one even said I looked tired/awful/insert unflattering adjective here. Instead, someone commented on my “healthy skin” and said they were jealous of my long eyelashes. I think I’m on to something here, ladies…

On the flip side… Makeup is fun! This past year, I discovered my interest in nice makeup and Sephora and I’m not looking back. Maybe in 2015 I will finally attempt to try some of Amber Rae’s makeup tutorials!

Sometimes you just have to stay in and watch 90s TV marathons on Netflix. And that’s totally ok.

I still don’t have it all figured out, but instead of letting that scare me, I’m meeting the new year with arms wide open and ready for change. Bring on 2015!


Summer, Summer, Summertime

Way back in May, I wrote about my Summer bucket list on Broke Girls Go Out. Now that it’s almost the middle of July and half way through the Summer, I thought it might be a good idea to check on my progress on the off chance that I haven’t been making any after all…

At the beginning of the Summer, I wanted to…

 √ Spend as much time at the beach as possible. I got some great beach days in during my vacation last week.



√ Work on my tan! Proud to say I didn’t burn at the beach at all!

– Make cocktail popsicles.

– Make my own ice cream.

– Have a picnic.

– Perfect my grilling skills. Unfortunately I don’t think this one will happen… I’m moving away from my apartment with a yard in a week and I haven’t attempted to grill anything fun yet…

√ BBQ once a week (or at least OFTEN). 

– Go camping. 

√ Go kayaking. Another one crossed off on my vacation!

– Go to a Country concert.

– Go paddle boarding.

– Make DIY workout shirts from over-sized t-shirts.

– Do a fun outdoor activity. Does playing volleyball at my brother’s graduation party count?

– Play in a Philly fountain. 

– Go to a baseball game.

OK, so I haven’t quite accomplished everything on the list yet… Luckily there’s still a lot of Summer left! What’s on your bucket list?

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Last week, Tall Guy and I returned to Philly after a whopping 11 day vacation in my hometown. See below for highlights from our trip!

Stay tuned for a few restaurant reviews from places around my hometown!

Are you planning any vacations this Summer? Tell me about them in the comments! xx