Don’t Talk to Me While I’m Watching Hockey

HOCKEY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! And clearly I couldn’t care less…


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Yes, tonight is a good night because hockey is FINALLY, officially, on my TV again. And I, of course, am rocking some orange and black gear. If you haven’t discovered your love for hockey yet, do yourself a favor and put on a game tonight, ok? GO FLYERS!


For NHL Fans Only

In keeping with my “posting other people’s articles” theme that I inadvertently have going on right now, I offer you this. Not so informative, just really funny… A great way to end the week, if you ask me! And you’re gonna wanna click the “just trust us” link in there (young Keith Primeau!).

Note: Obviously you don’t have to be a hockey fan to read it, but you might not think it’s funny otherwise. Do yourself a favor and become a hockey a fan, ok?

Thanks to my friend @timbruckner for sharing it with me!