Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Last week, Tall Guy and I returned to Philly after a whopping 11 day vacation in my hometown. See below for highlights from our trip!

Stay tuned for a few restaurant reviews from places around my hometown!

Are you planning any vacations this Summer? Tell me about them in the comments! xx


Throwback Thursday: High School Prom

A few weekends ago, Tall Guy and I took a road trip up to my hometown to watch my brother and his girlfriend go to prom. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know that I surprised my family on prom weekend last year and that my hometown takes prom very seriously. This year was no different.

And for your entertainment, a throwback to my own prom…

What was your favorite part of your high school prom?!

Anywhere But Here

I’ve had a particularly less-than-lovely couple of days. The weather has been absolutely miserable and I think I’m in the middle of the worst Winter Blues I’ve ever had. I want out of this weather and this city ASAP.

If I could be anywhere…

It’s the Summer after my Freshman year of college. Early August, to be specific. I finished up working at the yacht club snack shack around 3:30 pm and it took me approximately half an hour to drive out to my favorite spot on Duxbury Beach. That’s where you’ll find me. Bayside, in a little-known spot that only has a few parking spaces, so I’m mostly alone, except for an elderly couple who has clearly been here for a while. I set up camp around the corner from the parking spaces, just out of view of the beach road. I’ve only got the bare essentials with me today. Chair and towel, both of which I keep in the trunk of my car 24/7, sunglasses, a bottle of water and a book. I’m not even wearing sunscreen since it’s so late in the day, and I’ve got a good tan going, so I’m not worried about getting burned (my high school self also, unfortunately, was not worried about getting skin cancer).

Yeah, that’s where I’d be if I could be anywhere right now. Lounging on that beach, my beach. Reading and taking in the view, without a care in the world or a cloud in the sky.

2013: A Year in Pictures

Disclaimer: I hate New Years. Don’t get me wrong, I love the spirit that the New Year brings and thinking about resolutions, but I hate the hype surrounding everyone’s New Years Eve plans. It’s right up there with birthdays and Valentine’s Day- everyone wants to have the perfect day/night and do something SO SUPER FUN that you’re almost always disappointed that things usually end up being so-so.

Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on all of the adventures I had this past year!

I had some good times this past year. What’s your favorite memory of 2013?


Holiday Hiatus

As you may have guessed, the lack of posts the past week was due to my week-long holiday vacation at home. My boyfriend, who shall be referred to solely as “Tall Guy” going forward, and I got back to Philly on Saturday night and were perfectly happy doing nothing yesterday since we were so tired from our trip! Going home for the holidays is always really fun, but it’s also SUPER exhausting. On top of the holiday hubbub, it was Tall Guy’s first time meeting my family (yikes!) and seeing my neck of the woods, and only his second time in Boston, so we had a lot of bases to cover in a short amount of time. Hence the aforementioned exhaustion.

Not pictured: Tree trimming, parking at South Shore Plaza the weekend before Christmas, Amtrak station at 7:30 am the Monday before Christmas, breakfast at the Mug, a pottery shop sale, Tall Guy running on 2 hours of sleep, Christmas Eve Yankee Swap hot-ticket item Dirty Water rum tasting like grain alcohol, driving around looking at Christmas lights late Christmas Eve, looking at luminary-lined streets in Tinkertown with the car headlights off, snow falling exactly as the clock struck 12 on Christmas, the 2+ hours it took us to open presents on Christmas morning, watching A Christmas Story all day but still not seeing the movie in its entirety, tearing the basement apart in search of a lost TV remote, our hilarious Sam Adams tour guide Grace, playing Think While You Drink for 3 hours, tequila shots, a snowy owl sighting and flight delays.

I hope your holiday was as fun-filled as mine! x

A Thanksgiving Success

My first time hosting Thanksgiving was a success! It was a lot of work, but I’m really happy with the way everything turned out! My boyfriend and I were absolutely exhausted the next day, but it was totally worth it. See for yourself below!

A HUGE thanks to my friend Abe El, who took a good majority of the pictures in the gallery! You can check out more of his work here.

Waiting for a Sign…

My crazy schedule finally caught up to me and left me utterly useless the past couple of days (aka I was sick and never left the couch).

So posts have been a little light this week, for obvious reasons, but I hope to be back in the swing of things by Monday, when my part-time job will officially be over (it’s bittersweet, for sure) and my schedule will be significantly less busy.

In the mean time…


So Long, Sweet Summer

I know Fall technically doesn’t start until later this month, but the chill in the air this morning sure did feel like it! Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer, but I LOVE Fall. Football, apple picking, pumpkin everything… You really can’t go wrong with Fall.

I had some pretty awesome adventures this past Summer though!

What did you do last Summer?

I Want You Back

I’m talking about ‘N SYNC, of course! Did that 110-second reunion make the VMAs worth watching, or what?! Be still, my beating heart.

Speaking of the 90s…

Sorry B. Cooper, but this picture…


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

… will NEVER be as good as THIS PICTURE


Is it bad that I’m still rooting for Britney and Justin? 90s girl problems, am I right?

Month in Pictures: May